Here you can add your session ideas and discuss what you'd like to talk about at Library Camp SW.

This gives you the chance to get inspired, team up with others, merge session ideas and session, and see what other have in mind for the day. The aim is discussion and engagement, not presentations.

You'll still need to pitch your ideas on the actual day, so don't worry if you only decide on a topic on the day!

Previous sessions include imagining your perfect library, engaging with social media, innovation and disasters in libraries.

1) Session Proposer: Jenny Foster: Makerspaces in Libraries - Why should we bother?

2) Session Proposer: Jenny Foster: New CILIP Qualifications and VLE experiences??(I'm a new CSO so happy to lead a session on any areas around the new framework / qualifications / criteria that individuals might be interested in)

3) Session Proposer: Sarah Davies: Moving sectors within the profession. How easy is it? Would love to hear people's experiences and advice.

4) Session Proposer: @SooLib: FabLabDevon have offered a session in the Fabrication Laboratory on 3D printing, Raspberry Pi ... They would like to try out their new 3D printers so please let us know your first name if you are interested in this session and would like a free memento.

5) Session Proposer: Sim Taylor: Volunteer staff in libraries - Ensuring professionalism.

6) Session Proposer: Frances Tout and Sarah Bowen: Tablet projects

7) Session Proposer: Ann Draisey: Organising author visits for schools